The more technology we use in golf instruction it just proves the swing should be based on an athletic motion. This is why professionals make it look so effortless. My goal is to use the tools in my toolbox to bring out your inner athlete.




A podcast for everyone who loves golf!  I’m in the one of the best golf cities in the world.  San Diego is home to TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Titleist and the TPI headquarters.  Here my partner and I will discuss the swing, equipment, technology,  players and what’s coming down the pipeline.  I’m hosting the GolfBiz Straight Talk with Peter Ripa the CEO of The Farmers Insurance Open.  Hope you enjoy the content….

 About Shawn Cox   

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Shawn Cox has been teaching golf for almost 26 years and as Director of Golf at The Grand Golf Club has been instrumental in launching and designing a variety of programs, including The Grand Golf Performance Academy, which encompasses seven acres of practice area and cutting-edge techniques such as SAM PuttLab, Blast, K-Vest 3-D, Full Swing, Trackman technology and online digital video analysis. He currently serves on both the Education and Teaching Committee for the Southern California PGA. He was the host of the 2018 California Coaching and Teaching Summit with Phil Mickelson, Hank Haney, Mike Bender, Greg Rose, Dave Phillips, Scott Hamilton, Stan Utley and Derek Uyeda.

Random Golf Practice

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Understanding why people can’t bring their golf games from the driving range to the golf course has always been a mystery.  I created an app named Random Golf Practice based on research by scientists to help people practice correctly.  The great coaches have always preached you need to practice like you are on the course if you want to get better.  I’ve created a better way to do it! Go to the App Store to download.